Take Action for the Ocean

The ocean needs a voice. Give it yours.

If you believe the ocean should be protected, then you’re not alone. Right now, fans of the sea around the world are doing their best to ensure just that, from campaigning to reduce the number of drinking straws used, to lobbying governments for greater rights for the ocean. Search the directory to find the latest campaigns and petitions, and the best way for you to get involved and lend your support. You’ll also find ideas for personal changes you can make towards living a more ocean-friendly life.

Change happens when people speak out. So, sign the petitions, make the pledges, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family. The ocean can’t speak for itself so we have to do it.

Search how you can take action for the ocean today

How do you want to take action?

Beach and Ocean Cleans

Help banish rubbish from our beaches and ocean. Join in with organised events or carry out your own.

Lend your Support

Sign a petition. Join a campaign. Find out how you can help others who are already campaigning for a cleaner ocean.

Ocean-Friendly Living

Make a personal change. A small change from you can make a big difference to the health of the ocean.