Every day around the world there are positive ocean news stories, from the latest marine science research, to evidence of animal populations recovering through conservation efforts. Here are our top 10 positive ocean news stories from September 2020 to give you some #oceanoptimism.

Whale Fans

A Cuvier’s Beaked Whale has shattered the record for the longest dive at 222mins, or nearly 4 hours. These marine mammals can also dive to the deepest depths, to nearly 3km. To last so long underwater they rely on huge stores of oxygen and a slow metabolism. Once oxygen runs out they revert to anaerobic respiration to generate energy.

Read the full story: Science News Magazine
Photo by Danielle Waples.

Cuvier’s beaked whale - DANIELLE WAPLES

Dolphin Fans

Pink Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins have tentatively returned to Hong Kong. With the suspension of around 200 high-speed ferries in this busy estuary due to the pandemic, the population of ~2000 dolphins in the pearl River Delta are enjoying living in their natural habitat. A development-free Dolphin Conservation Management Area is hoped to be established by 2024.

Read the full story: The Guardian
Photo by Ken Fung

Pink Dolphin - Ken Fung

Orca Fans

A famous wild Orca is a mother again – spot the tiny fin to the right in the photo. This endangered southern resident killer whale ‘Tahlequah’ touched hearts around the world in 2018 when she lost her calf, carrying it for 17 days and over 1000 miles refusing to let it go. This time, so far, so good…

Read the full story: The Seattle Times
Photo by James Thompson.

Orca - Sarah McCullagh

Turtle Fans

How do turtles find their way back to where they were born to nest? This magnetic ‘sixth’ sense may come from a symbiotic relationship with magnetotactic bacteria. Animals that sense Earth’s magnetic field, and are capable of navigating huge distances, include whales, birds, bats, penguins, fish, and lobsters.

Read the full story: University of Central Florida
Photo by Gustavo Stahelin.

loggerhead turtle - Gustavo Stahelin

Penguin Fans

Penguins make the best snugglers and it’s been mathematically proven. Facing Antarctica’s sub-zero temperatures and gale-force winds, Emperor Penguins need to huddle together. Every penguin acts individually, but the result is a super-efficient equitable heat distribution for the whole community.

Read the full story: The Atlantic
Photo by Walter Baxter.

emperor penguin in a huddle - LARS LEHNERT

Shark Fans

Great White Shark sex has been documented for the first time. New Zealand fisherman Dick Ledgerwood described it as “Four-plus tonnes of combined apex predator flesh… locked together… revolving round and round, very, very slowly… an extraordinarily delicate dance.”

Read the full story: The Guardian
Photo by Alastair Pollock.

great white shark - Alastair Pollock

Whale Shark Fans

The biggest fish in the ocean are girls. Female whale sharks grow more slowly than males but end up being larger. The average adult male is ~9m long, with the female at ~14m. The largest recorded was 18m (60ft) long. It takes 30+ years to reach maturity, with one pregnant whale shark having been found to have around 300 pups inside her.

Read the full story: Australian Institute of Marine Science
Photo by Andre Rereuka.

whale shark - Andre Rereuka

Coral Fans

3D-printing is helping to create artificial reefs around the world. Terracotta clay tiles shaped with coral geometry are placed on the sandy sea floor, creating a hard surface to support new coral growth. They’re more eco-friendly than concrete, requiring less energy to produce and naturally erode once the reef is established.

Read the full story: The University of Hong Kong
Photo by The University of Hong Kong.

3d-printed-coral - The University of Hong Kong


The oldest scuba diver aged 100 has claimed the Guinness World Record. Bill Lambert completed a 27 min. dive to a depth of 12m (40ft), at a lake in the US state of Illinoi. He only learnt to dive aged 98 and said he is hoping to beat his own record when he hits 101.

Read the full story: DeeperBlue.com
Photo by Rachel Aucott.

Oldest scuba diver record

Deep Sea Fans

A new deep sea marine protected area is to be established off the west of Scotland. It will be Europe’s largest MPA covering over 100,000 sq km and 30% of Scotland’s seas. Reaching depths of 2.5km, it will safeguard vulnerable habitats and species, like deep sea sharks and coral gardens.

Read the full story: The Scottish Government
Image by Marine Scotland.

deep sea mpa - marine scotland

So that’s our top 10 positive ocean news stories from September 2020

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Positive Ocean News

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