Why we do what we do


Sea Fans is free to use. We don’t charge anything to add a listing (and we never will). It’s all about saving the ocean, and helping to promote those people who are doing just that.

So why do we do it? Well, ultimately, it’s for the love of the ocean and its marine life. But we must confess something. We do have a slight ulterior motive…

You see, we believe that when you do something good, good things happen around you. So, by that logic, if we do something good for the ocean, then maybe – just maybe – the ocean might do something good for us. We call it #oceankarma. By creating Sea Fans, we’re hoping the ocean is going to deliver us some good in a very big (and small) way…

Blue Sea Dragon

Jerry’s pick: The Blue Sea Dragon is one of the weirdest and most elusive of sea slugs, or nudibranch (a shell-less mollusc). They float upside down on the underside of the surface of the sea, and are carried around by the winds and ocean currents. They feed on the extremely venomous and deadly Portuguese Man O’War, and so are themselves highly dangerous if accidently touched. The oceans are full of alien-like super cool creatures – I love it!

Whale Shark

Amy’s pick: The whale shark is my all-time, favourite marine creature, even though I’ve never seen one. I’ve been diving since I was 19. Since then I’ve dived all over the world, and become an instructor. I have done over 2000 dives – that’s like 80 days spent underwater – yet I never seem to be in the right place at the right time. To look up and see the iconic outline of the whale shark cruising above me, well, that would make me one happy Sea Fan.

Start getting ocean karma today

So how does ocean karma work? Well. every time you sign a petition, buy from a ocean-happy seller, or even learn a little something about the ocean (and tell your friends), you’re banking ocean karma.

If you volunteer your time with a marine conservation project, or take part in a beach clean, then that’s a massive dollop of ocean karma right there.

Remember, karma can go both ways. If you’ve ever left rubbish on a beach, bought jewellery made of shells, or broke some coral with a careless fin kick, perhaps it’s time you gave something back?

Sea Fans has thousands of ways for you to earn ocean karma. From refusing straws to eating only sustainable seafood or from choosing only green dive centres to watching ocean documentaries… the list goes on.  Why not take a look and see? The ocean does so much for us, it’s time we started showing it a little underwater love.

If you could use your #oceankarma for one thing, what would it be and why?

Wunderpus Octopus

Oscar (23, Bangor): I would love to see a Wunderpus. They are masters of imitation, and have been seen copying everything from frogfish to beerbottles! They are also extremely intelligent and have been shown to be great problem solvers.

Shark (any)

Rebecca (13, Edinburgh) – I got to do a shark dive in an aquarium for my birthday. It was really cool to get up close with all the sharks, even though it was soooooo cold and my suit leaked. Next time, I would love to see a shark in the wild as I felt bad that the sharks were inside a giant tank.


Joan (62, Norwich) – My whole life I’ve been a bit afraid of water so a few years ago I decided to conquer this fear by taking swimming lessons. The lessons helped so much that whilst on holiday, I went snorkelling for the first time. It was simply bliss. I got to see so much, but my one regret was not seeing a turtle. They’re such unique and wonderful creatures. Maybe once I’ve signed a few more petitions to help the ocean, I’ll get to see one.

Add your #oceankarma story

Say you had a ton of #oceankarma stored up, how would you like the ocean to thank you and why? Contact us and we’ll add your story to our page. Don’t forget to include your age and location.

Once you’re done, there’s no time like the present to start banking a bit of #oceankarma. Discover how you can start helping the ocean today, and you never know, someday the ocean may thank you back.