Watch Sonic Sea – A look at ocean sound and the impact industrial and military noise is having on marine mammals.

Sonic Sea

An ocean documentary about sound, song and survival.

Synopsis: You may not think it but the ocean is full of sound. Watch Sonic Sea to discover just how vital a role sound plays in the lives of marine mammals in the oceans – from communication to navigating across thousands of miles of blue ocean.

However, industrial and military noise is getting louder every day. Boats, cargo ships, military sonar… each one adding to a deafening cacophony of noise. Sonic Sea looks at the catastrophic effect this increase in noise is having on the ocean’s marine life, including the mass stranding of whales and dolphins.

Narrated by Rachel McAdams, and featuring renowned oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle, Sonic Sea explores the critical role sound plays in the ocean. And highlights the dramatic changes human activity is inflicting on the ocean’s delicate acoustic habitat. Watch Sonic Sea today.

Duration: 60 minutes

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