Watch Long Gone Wild – A look into what’s happening today in the world of captive orcas.

Long Gone Wild

The brutal truth about the international trade in captive orcas and the glimmer of hope for the future.

About: Long Gone Wild gives an in-depth look at the case against captive orcas. Picking up where the acclaimed orca documentary Blackfish left off, this film shows both sides of what is happening in the marine animal entertainment world today, good and bad.

Despite damning reports about SeaWorld, orcas are still made to preform everyday. The question about how to retire captive orcas has yet to be answered. Could The Whale Sanctuary Project be the answer? A place where captive marine mammals can be rehabilitated and live permanently in their natural environment.

On the flip side, the marine theme park industry in China is thriving. Orcas are taken from the seas around Russia to feed this industry. Witness undercover footage from the high seas of captivity in action and join in the search for nine orcas held captive at a secret Chinese location.

Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes

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