Watch Chasing Coral – a documentary about the effect of climate change on the world’s coral reefs.

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About: Chasing Coral is an eye-opening documentary about the beauty of coral reefs and why they are so vital to the ocean.

Coral reefs are the building blocks of the underwater world. They provide protection and shelter for nearly all life in the ocean.

However, these vital, life-giving structures are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. As carbon emissions warm the seas, this results in a phenomenon called coral bleaching. This is a sign of mass coral death which has been increasing around the world. Yet, the public has no idea of the scale, or implication, of the devastation raging underwater. Until now…

Chasing Coral centres around a team of divers, scientists and photographers and a huge underwater campaign that aims to document the disappearance of these coral reefs. It took over three years to shoot. It is the result of more than 500 hours spent underwater, as well as footage submitted by volunteers from over from 30 countries.

Genre: Climate change documentary

Director: Jeff Orlowski

Starring: Andrew Ackerman, Pim Bongaerts, Neal Cantin

Duration: 1hr 33min / Suitability: PG

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