Volunteer to freedive with whale sharks and turtles, and scuba dive to research manta rays in the Philippines.

Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute (LAMAVE)

Who: The Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE)

Where: The Philippines – various sites

Focus: Data collection of whale sharks, manta rays and turtles by freediving or scuba diving. LAMAVE runs various projects across the Philippines:

  • Identify and describe the turtle population.
  • Monitor the presence of whale sharks, conduct in-water behavioural surveys and understand the effects of tourism.
  • Identify and describe manta and devil rays, and identify conservation priority areas to set the basis for the creation of a dedicated network of protected areas.

When: Varies depending on project.

Duration: Min.  3 month stay (min 1 month for manta ray projects).

Suitability: Over 18s. Volunteers on freediving projects should be confident swimmers and able to freedive to 7 metres.

Visit LAMAVE for more information.



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