Volunteer with turtles and mangroves in Hawaii, Guatemala.

ARCAS Rescue Centre


Where: Hawaii, Guatemala, Central America

Focus: Turtle nest monitoring, egg collection and rehabilitation, and mangrove reforestation:

  • Patrol the beach to collect and incubate as many turtle eggs as possible.
  • Help excavate nests and release hatchlings back into the ocean.
  • Get involved in community education including teaching extra-curricular classes in local schools, developing curriculum, and conducting beach clean ups, turtle releases and environmental fairs.
  • Take part in scientific monitoring of the local mangrove ecosystem. Mangrove reforestations are carried out in December and January. Other reforestation activities are carried out between May and July.

Species: Olive Ridley, Green and Leatherback.

When: All year round.

Duration: Min. 1 week.

Suitability: Over 18s. Groups. Schools.

Language: Although not required, being able to speak Spanish will come in handy, especially if staying for a long time. Language courses and homestay options are available for an extra cost.

Turtle Nesting Season

The season runs from July to November. Peak season is August to October. Hatchlings are released from August to late January:

  • Olive Ridley: Nest from roughly July to late October, though solitary nesters arrive throughout the year. Nesting frequency can be as high as 30 nests per night during the peak of nesting season in August and September.
  • Leatherback: Nest in November and December but are much less common than olive ridleys with only 2-3 nests being recorded per year.
  • Pacific Green: Nest between August and October. New to nesting in this area with 2-4 nests being recorded per year.

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