Volunteer with lemon sharks and turtles on Curieuse Island, Seychelles – 5% off with Sea Fans.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, GVI are offering you the opportunity to transfer your program to a new date free of charge should you not be able to start on your proposed date due to travel restrictions. There are also flexible payment plans available, reach out for more information! 

Who: Global Vision International (GVI)

Where: Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Focus: Lemon shark and green and hawksbill turtle conservation

When: All year round

Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Suitability: Over 18s

Cost: 2 weeks from GPB 2245
The price per week gets cheaper the longer you stay.

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As a volunteer, you will:

  • Rotate between the 2 key conservation projects within the Curieuse Island National Park – lemon sharks and turtles.
  • Track down lemon shark pups in mangrove forests in order to gather valuable data pertaining to population and growth rates on the elusive under-studied species.
  • Patrol the beaches to study the nesting success and habits of both hawksbill and green turtles on the island.
  • In conjunction with the Seychelles National Parks Authority, get involved in various educational campaigns and activities including mangrove replanting, endemic flora re-vegetation, beach clean ups and environmental education classes.
  • Work alongside knowledgeable and dedicated national partners and get an invaluable insight into the life and work of conservationists.
  • Receive a conservation certificate and summary of training and experience received.

Before Departure: Volunteers must complete their field training online, 8 weeks before departure. This is in order to maximise the time spent in the field. The training includes:

  • Pre-departure Orientation (1 hour)
  • Program Specific Training (1 – 5 hours)
  • Marine Conservation course (10 – 15 hours) – optional 

Internships are available. All interns are required to complete the marine conservation online course, as well as a leadership and careers course. Get in touch below to find out more.

The Base

Accommodation: Remote research station on a beautiful island.

Sleeping: Small huts with other volunteers in a dormitory-style set up. Camp duties are done on a rotational basis.

Working week: Monday to Friday with weekends free.

Support: 24-hour emergency phone, 24-hour in-country support.

Transport: Airport pick up included

Get 5% off with Sea Fans

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4 reviews

  1. This trip was worth every second!

    In the moment the project began GVI took care of everything. From the second I arrived at the meeting point, to the airport 3 month later everything was perfectly organized. I felt the whole stay very comfortable. The reason for this was amongst other things the kindness of all the current staff members. I know that this is a bit corny to say but especially after quarter of a year they were like a family for me. I was surprised how diverse the work in field can be and how much I as a volunteer was allowed to do by myself. This trip was worth every second!

  2. I had a wonderful experience and I can recommend this project to anyone who is looking for a adventure!

    I volunteered with GVI on a conservation project in Seychelles and I can honestly say that I loved it. If anyone is wondering whether they should book a project with GVI, I would advise them to go ahead and book with confidence. Here’s a little about my experience in August 2015. I travelled Seychelles for a month of volunteering Curieuse, to take part in the GVI island conservation programme. We worked during weeks and had weekends off to explore the islands: Praslin, La Digue and Bird. We carried out field surveys in the mangrove to test soil salinity and monitor birdlife. On the beaches, we searched for turtle tracks and recorded nesting activity of hawksbill and green turtles. I loved the tiny green turtles hatchlings and the giant tortoises. We snorkelled off the most beautiful beaches and swam with hawksbill turtles. Training was provided by the GVI staff and all surveys were supervised. Volunteers were always kept busy with surveys and camp chores, but I always managed to find time for a swim or a walk on the beach in between duties. The camp was surprisingly well equipped and comfortable and Creole fish barbecued and Friday nights was delicious. I made new friends, learned new skills and made new discoveries. I connected with nature and I am becoming a conservationist. I had a wonderful experience and I can recommend this project to anyone who is looking for a adventure.

  3. This changed me inside, and made me see the only way of my future - live in harmony with nature, fight for it, share the knowledge and spread the awareness among people.

    Sitting on Dexter boat and approaching Curieuse Island, my future home for the whole month of April, and looking in turquoise water, bright endless sky, I was already in love. All the hard work I have done in the past month, all the hikes, muddy feet, mosquito bites, make me so proud and aware I have contributed on something good. This changed me inside, and made me see the only way of my future – live in harmony with nature, fight for it, share the knowledge and spread the awareness among people. I have learned so much while working on surveys on Curieuse and while finishing my GVI’s team leadership internship. I will never stop educating myself in this field. I had the best time of my life with the best team ever. I am looking forward to new adventures with GVI.

  4. 3 words to describe Curieuse? Sun, Sweat and Selfies. My 4 weeks on Curieuse Island were everything I expected and more. Thanks to this program, I now have friends all over the world and a much more solid understanding of the importance of the different aspects of the ecosystem. I feel like I have contributed to the protection of some of the endemic species of the Seychelles, such as the Coco de Mer palm. It has also confirmed that once I graduate from my degree in Zoology, I want to work out in the field. During my time on Curieuse, I swam with sharks, took selfies with giant tortoises, sank knee deep into mud, played a real life version of Monopoly to raise money for the GVI Charitable Trust and made some of the greatest friends possible. I was also able to explore the surrounding islands at weekends, including the lovely La Digue and was trained to be an Emergency First Responder. Now I have experienced volunteering with GVI, I don’t think I could go anywhere with anyone else. GVI are the perfect organisation to volunteer with. Whenever I talk about my month with any of my friends, I can’t help but have a massive grin plastered onto my face. I highly recommend this programme to anyone, even if it is out of your comfort zone. Best 4 weeks of my life.

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