Volunteer to protect and help rehabilitate turtles in Watamu, Kenya.

Local Ocean Conservation

Who: Local Ocean Conservation

Where: Watamu, Kenya

Focus:  Preserving the future of sea turtles, protecting a fragile marine environment and promoting sustainable livelihoods in the Watamu area. Volunteers will:

  • Monitor turtle hatchlings and ensure their safe progress to the sea.
  • Patrol the beaches at night to protect nesting female turtles.
  • Help out at the only Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on the East African seaboard. Feed and clean turtles and help with x-rays and turtle rehabilitation back into the ocean.
  • Take part in marine environment and sea turtle conservation education and awareness programmes for village communities, fishermen, schools and tourists.
  • Take part in beach cleans and surveys, mangrove planting days, and assist with school visits to the rehabilitation centre.

When: All year round | Peak nesting time May to August | Rainy season April-July.

Suitability: 18+

Independent Research: Students are able to conduct their own projects.

Duration: 2 to 10 weeks

Visit Local Ocean Conservation for more details.



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