Volunteer to survey and conserve coral reefs on Mahé Island, Seychelles – 5% off with Sea Fans.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, GVI are offering you the opportunity to transfer your program to a new date free of charge should you not be able to start on your proposed date due to travel restrictions. There are also flexible payment plans available, reach out for more information! 

Who: Global Vision International (GVI)

Where: Mahé Island, Seychelles

Focus: Coral reef surveying and marine conservation

When: All year round

Duration4 to 12 weeks

Suitability: Over 18s

Cost: 4 weeks from GPB 2,995
The price per week gets cheaper the longer you stay

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As a volunteer, you will:

  • Become a PADI Advanced Open Water diver and learn how to identify fish and coral in the Indian Ocean.
  • Learn professional survey techniques for underwater data collection on the health of the reef as part of the PADI Coral Reef Research Diver Distinctive Speciality.
  • Help gather marine data to help the Seychelles government show an accurate picture of the overall health of the local coral reefs for the creation of management policies.
  • Enjoy whale shark migration observations, invertebrate fish surveys, sea turtle nesting surveys, plankton sampling research and more.
  • Investigate threats to coral populations, including high seasonal sea temperatures, population pressure, poaching and development for tourism.
  • Dive/snorkel 1-2 times a day, 5 days a week, to carry out underwater surveys after training.
  • Delight in fun dives and search for incredible marine megafauna, such as whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins.
  • Visit breeding areas for the hawksbill and green turtle.
  • Learn First Aid and CPR.
  • Get involved in additional projects and activities, including training sessions, beach and ocean cleans, marine debris surveys, environmental education sessions or alternative income training, depending on local and project needs.

Before Departure: Volunteers must complete their field training online, 8 weeks before departure. This is in order to maximise the time spent in the field. The training includes:

  • Pre-departure Orientation (1 hour)
  • Program Specific Training (1 – 5 hours)
  • Marine Conservation course (10 – 15 hours) – optional 

Internships are available. All interns are required to complete the marine conservation online course, as well as a leadership and careers course. Get in touch below to find out more.

Scuba Diving

Dive Training: Volunteers must be PADI Open Water certified, or equivalent, before joining. Non-divers that wish to attend can get certified at a local dive centre certified before starting.

Conservation Certification: PADI Coral Reef Research Diver Distinctive Speciality.

Divemaster Internship: Min. 24-week placement, broken into two 12 weeks periods. This first is spent on the marine conservation expedition. The second half is spent working in a local dive centre learning leadership scenarios, and gaining real-life experience.

The Base

Accommodation: Simple island living next to the beach.

Sleeping: Shared, basic dormitory-style accommodation with shared bathrooms. Cooking and cleaning duties are completed on a rotational basis.

Support: 24-hour emergency phone, 24-hour in-country support.

Transport: Airport pick up included.

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5 reviews

  1. A month in Seychelles' Paradise

    Ciao a tutti! Sono Caterina e sono appena tornata da una delle esperienze più belle della mia vita! GVI Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles!
    Sono italiana e sto studiando biologia a Milano, sono molto interessata al mondo marino e a tutti gli animali e i coralli che ci vivono, vorrei studiare biologia marina e laurearmi presto per poter contribuire alla ricerca e alla protezione di questo fantastico mondo sommerso!
    Ho trovato questo progetto mentre cercavo un modo per passare la mia estate a stretto contatto con l’oceano e cosa c’è di meglio di un mese alle Seychelles come Coral reef researcher!?
    La giornata al campo è lunga e faticosa, ma le immersioni nella barriera e le spiagge mozzafiato sono quello che ti rimane di più da questa esperienza! Lo staff è sempre disponibile ad aiutarti ed è molto preparato in tutti campi!
    sono sicura che questa esperienza mi aiuterà nel futuro a trovare il mio posto nel mondo della biologia marina ma è anche grazie a questo progetto che ho conosciuto tante di persone fantastiche da tutto il mondo con cui ho costruito un legame speciale che so non finirà

    Hello everyone!  I am Caterina and I have just returned from one of the most beautiful experiences of my life!  GVI Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles!
    I am Italian and I am studying biology in Milan, I am very interested in the marine world and all the animals and corals that live there, I would like to study marine biology and graduate soon to be able to contribute to the research and protection of this fantastic underwater world!
    I found this project while looking for a way to spend my summer in close contact with the ocean and what could be better than a month in the Seychelles as Coral reef researcher !?
    The day at the camp is long and tiring, but the dives in the reef and the breathtaking beaches are what you have left most from this experience!  The staff is always available to help you and is very prepared in all fields!
    I am sure that this experience will help me in the future to find my place in the world of marine biology but it is also thanks to this project that I met so many fantastic people from all over the world with whom I built a special bond that I know will not end

  2. Amazing Experience!

    Volunteering with GVI on Mahé was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about marine conservation, marine science, and diving. I also got to meet so many incredible and interesting people from all over the world. I highly recommend this experience!!

  3. Get out here or you’ll regret not coming!

    I took part in the marine conservation project in the Seychelles. The reason I got involved with GVI was because I knew that I wanted to do scuba diving for a longer period of time whilst meeting new people. I found GVI on the internet when searching for volunteering programmes, and found out they were a large and trustworthy organisation. The thing I loved most about my time with GVI was meeting like-minded people, as everyone was there wanting to dive and make memories. My most interesting discovery diving in the Seychelles was the level of impact global warming has had on the coral reefs. Seeing the amount of dead corals first hand really opens your eyes to the environmental issues we face today. There wasn’t anything too challenging, although you do have to get used to carrying heavy scuba tanks all day. As to the other volunteers though, they were all very welcoming and happy to help out with settling in as they would teach you all the little things about living at base that come in handy. Staff as well were really awesome people, and at first I could hardly tell they were staff since they would participate and do pretty much everything that we did. The project itself was actually getting more and more interesting as I got the chance to do more and more surveys as time went on. Training for these surveys was pretty straight forward and living at base and diving every day made remembering different names of fish and invertebrates quite easy. I remember just before joining the project I was a bit worried that I hadn’t learnt everything in time, but when you’re here you just know it. Before coming to the GVI project I had just finished my A levels in the UK, as I live there as well. I’m going into university after this trip although I didn’t really want to leave. I am definitely more aware of our impact on the oceans than I thought I would be after diving in the Seychelles. I don’t think you can really understand it unless you actually see it for yourself with your own eyes, which is why I would recommend anyone interested in diving or the oceans to come out here. My experience here was unforgettable and yours will be too. Get out here or you’ll regret not coming.

  4. Best time of my life!

    The two months I spent on the Seychelles with GVI were part of the best time of my life! I met the coolest people and had loads of fun diving. I was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. It was amazing to do what I love, diving, with a purpose. Doing the fish surveys was not only interesting but also made me feel useful. In my opinion it’s important to see how healthy all the components of the reef are, to take action if somethings going wrong. I’m really happy that was able to take part in monitoring the reefs around the Seychelles. To travel with GVI was the perfect way for me, because it combined travelling with actually doing something for the environment, meeting people from all over the world and especially seeing and doing things that I’d have probably never done alone. I wish I could go back!

  5. The Internship has changed my entire life!

    Thanks to the GVI Marine Conservation Internship I am now back in Seychelles, studying environmental science. The Internship has changed my entire life, and I am glad it did! I did not only learn a lot about myself but also pursued a career in diving and returned to GVI as a scholar in Pez Maya (Mexico)!

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