Volunteer in coastal and marine conservation and help out at a turtle sanctuary in Thailand – 5% off with Sea Fans.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, GVI are offering you the opportunity to transfer your program to a new date free of charge should you not be able to start on your proposed date due to travel restrictions. There are also flexible payment plans available, reach out for more information!

Who: Global Vision International (GVI).

Where: Phang Nga, Thailand.

Focus: Seasonal coastal conservation projects and year-round turtle research.

When: All year round. Dry season: November – March. Rainy season: May – October.

Duration: 2 to 14 weeks.

Suitability: Over 18s.

Cost: Prices from GBP 1595; The price per week gets cheaper the longer you stay:

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As a volunteer in Thailand, you will:

  • Assist in the conservation of Thailand’s coastal and marine ecosystems as a hands-on member of an international team:
    • Dry season – The focus is on coastal and marine conservation,
    • Rainy season – The focus switches to terrestrial conservation.
  • Immerse yourself in coastal environment research, coral reef monitoring and tourist education and management (November – March).
  • Get involved in biodiversity surveying in nearby National Parks such as bird and butterfly monitoring (May – October).
  • Work at two local turtle research and conservation centres with animal husbandry (all year round).
  • Help in the fight against plastic pollution through beach cleans and community education classes for local schools, hotels and tour and dive operators,
  • Teach English to national park rangers and the general community.

Before Departure: Volunteers must complete their field training online, 8 weeks before departure. This is in order to maximise the time spent in the field. The training includes:

  • Pre-departure Orientation (1 hour)
  • Program Specific Training (1 – 5 hours)
  • Marine Conservation course (10 – 15 hours) – optional 

Internships are available. All interns are required to complete the marine conservation online course, as well as a leadership and careers course. Get in touch below to find out more.

The Base

Accommodation: Small but comfortable. Allows volunteers the perfect opportunity to get immersed in local culture.

Sleeping: Shared rooms. Private accommodation is available for an extra fee.

Food: 3 meals a day.

Timetable: Monday – Friday with weekends free to explore.

Support: Airport pick up (unless otherwise stated), 24-hour emergency phone, 24-hour in-country support.

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3 reviews

  1. Couldn't recommend it more highly!

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the weeks I’ve spent with GVI in Phang Nga, Thailand, are amongst the best of my life. At the ripe old age of 40 I’m taking a belated gap year, doing the travelling I didn’t do when I was younger before returning to University to retrain next Autumn. Having never been to South-East Asia, and having never travelled alone before, I was a little nervous about my first trip of the year, but I couldn’t have been more warmly welcomed, or better looked after, than I was by GVI. During my stay I had the opportunity to participate in many things which simply aren’t available to “regular” tourists, from helping out at a sea turtle conservation centre to teaching in a local school. Having done some other travelling in the area since, the regular tourist haunts seem artificial and superficial compared to my experience with GVI, where I got to experience and be part of the “real” Thailand in a way that is difficult as a tourist. It was also wonderful to be part of something which is making a genuine contribution to significant global issues. Even though I was only with GVI for a few short weeks, I was helping and working alongside dedicated staff and long-term interns on projects which work with the local community towards UN Sustainable Development goals, making a genuine difference in the area. It is a very fulfilling way to see the world. If all that weren’t enough, it has also been a tremendous amount of fun, living and working in a beautiful part of the world, alongside some of the nicest and most inspiring people I have ever met, who work hard and play hard too. I’m already looking at booking more GVI travel elsewhere in the world for later in the year, and couldn’t recommend it more highly!

  2. Anyone that is thinking about it I would tell them just to go for it!

    My name is Rowan Chesters, I am from a small town in Shropshire England and I go to university in Liverpool studying marketing. I had just finished my first year when I came to this Conservation project in Phang Nga Thailand. I decided to go on this trip as I wanted to do conservation so much and after going through so many different options on the internet I saw this as the best option as the whole project looked amazing. Living on base here was such a good experience. On the first few days of project we received training on everything we needed to know on PowerPoints and having Rachel speak about it all to us which was very helpful. We would do project work Monday – Thursday, including going to the navy base to look after the turtles, do beach cleans, go on bird walks, teach a local class and many other different little projects that were all so much fun. Every other Friday we did a project as a whole group which was so fun, while I was there we went to a hotel and did a teaching camp with lots of children which was wonderful. In the mornings we usually got up very early to go and spent most of our day away from base doing work. In the evenings we would have dinner together, cooked by someone who lived in the village and It was always delicious and different every day. After this we would have debrief and then all sit together and chat, play games, go to the beach or do the weekly Wednesday quiz! We had the weekends of. On the shorter weekend we just relaxed, went to the beach and just chatted together, on the longer weekends we had we did group trips which for me included Khao Sok and Railay beach which was so much fun! The staff on the project were amazing. I spent most of my time with Rachel and Luis as they were on the conservation project and they are so lovely and friendly and so involved with the projects, seeing their passion and love for the work we were doing was inspiring! The other staff who worked there were also lovely, made you feel so comfortable and at home and could have a lot of fun with them to (especially on quiz night). I feel this project has benefitted me in many ways, I feel more confident and comfortable in myself knowing I can do something like this by myself and meet so many amazing people and do such good work for the project. Every part of this project has been memorable and anyone that is thinking about it I would tell them just to go for it and there is nothing to worry about at all. I was so nervous before coming and I keep looking back thinking how unnecessary all that worrying was for as I was good from the moment I arrived. Thank you GVI for this experience.

  3. Loved it, best summer of my life!

    I am currently a university student studying Environmental Science (hence the relevance to my amazing summer). I went to Thailand, Phang Nga base for a total of 6 weeks and did the short term internship, earning myself a leadership qualification out there. This was my first summer solo travelling, having not taken a gap year and it was everything I had dreamed of and more! I went on this trip alone and it was the best thing I could have done, it benefitted me in ways I didn’t even imagine – cringe but ‘I found myself’. I gained more self-confidence and development my people skills; communication to people of all ages – from teaching school children to making friends with the older volunteers.
    GVI and the programme itself was amazing, they were so accommodating and made me feel at home for my summer, the base felt like home and the staff were friends. It’s not like being at school as you are all on the same level and treated equally, if you have a suggestion whether it be for around base or an activity you would like to do they will always try to accommodate it. GVI Phang Nga hub has 2 other programmes being run from the same hub so there will always be a group of people there, this is great for your weekend travels. While on programme every other weekend is a long weekend (free from Thursday evening to Sunday), this meant there is plenty of time to explore southern Thailand and perhaps even further with your new friends; I visited Khoa Lak, Khoa Sok, Phi Phi islands, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket town and even Patong!
    The marine conversation programme has such a variety of activities meaning every week is different, even after being there 6 weeks I was still doing new activities. Every week you visit the turtle conservation centre twice – cleaning tanks, treating their wounds and collecting data for a wider database. Along with the turtle project you do; beach cleans, butterfly surveys, bird walks, working in national parks, teaching conservation/English lessons at local schools in the community, mangrove surveys on canoes, once a month a week-long trip off base to stay on 2 islands doing camera trap work and whole hub Friday projects including: village cleans and teaching at English camps. Even in your down time at base there’s still optional extras to do such as cooking classes, weekly Wednesday night quizzes, early morning sun rises and movie nights. Before getting to Thailand I had my doubts and worries about the teaching aspect of the program as this is usually something I would shy away from however it was one of my favourite projects, along with the turtles of course, but the children are so keen and happy to learn and have so much respect for you. You are not forced to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing while on project however there is plenty of opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, if you’re not already of it in Thailand!
    Food is great, people are fab and the experience was one of a kind. There is something for everyone.

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