Volunteer to study whales, dolphins and loggerhead turtles in the Azores.

Biosphere Expeditions

The Whale, Dolphin and Turtle Conservation Azores Expedition


Who: Biosphere Expeditions

Where: The Azores Archipelago (Portugal), in the Atlantic Ocean

Focus: Monitoring whales, dolphins and loggerhead turtles by boat

Species: 30% of the world’s known cetacean species have been recorded in the Azores Archipelago including:

  • Whales – Sperm, Humpback, Sei, Minke, Blue, Fin, Pilot, Orca, Cuvier’s Beaked, Sowerby’s beaked
  • Dolphins – Risso’s, Bottlenose, Common, Striped

When: Around April

Duration: 10 days

Suitability: All ages. There are no upper or lower age limits. Volunteers under 18 can come by themselves with their parents’ consent.

Cost: Expedition from GBP 1547.

Find out more: Biosphere Expeditions

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Volunteer as part of a small international team onboard a research vessel to monitor and photo-identify whales, dolphins and turtles.
  • Help to establish the animals’ life histories and migration patterns across the oceans to support formulation of effective conservation strategies.
  • Listen to, and make recordings of, whale and dolphin vocalisations using hydrophones for a comparative study of different regional “dialects”.
  • Capture loggerhead turtles in the open ocean for tagging and release.
  • Record seabird sightings.

The Base

Accommodation: Nights are spent ashore at a comfortable guesthouse-style building with all modern amenities including a kitchen, lounge, en-suite showers and toilets.

Sleeping:  Shared rooms with 2 people per room.

Food: All meals provided.

Base size: Up to 10 team members + 1 local scientist + 1 expedition leader.

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