Volunteer to care for seals at a research, education and rehabilitation centre in the Netherlands.


Who: Zeehondencentrum (Seal Centre Pieterburen)

Where: Hoofdstraat 94a, 9968 AG Pieterburen, The Netherlands

Focus: Research and care of seals:

  • Support the Sealcare department, the veterinary and science departments or the education team depending on current opportunities.
  • Learn about the different species of seal found in the Wadden sea – harbour and grey.
  • Learn about the care of juvenile seals.

When: All year round | Volunteer positions are subject to availability.

Duration: Min. 8 weeks

Suitability: Over 18s | Internships available.

Language: Volunteers must be able to speak English.

Visit the Zeehondencentrum for more info and to apply. 



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