Make wise seafood choices by downloading the MCS Good Fish Guide.

Marine Conservation Society UK

Who: Marine Conservation Society  (MCS)

What: A definitive guide to sustainable seafood. You’ll get:

  • The latest advice on which fish are okay to eat and which should be avoided based on whether they come from well-managed, sustainable stocks or farms.
  • A comprehensive guide to nearly all fish found in UK shops, restaurants and markets.
  • Top seafood recipes
  • Restaurants and cafes that serve seafood – rated allowing diners to make informed choices when booking a table.

About: The world’s fish stocks are in decline. 90% of world fish stocks are fully or over-exploited from fishing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Save the oceans and we can feed the world.

By changing our habits – just a little bit – we can help reduce the strain on certain species. By demanding that the fish you eat comes from sustainably managed stocks, and is caught or farmed in a way that causes minimal damage to the marine environment and other wildlife, you can make a real difference to the future of the ocean.

Start making wise seafood choices today

  • Download the Good Fish Guide: Get the app and/or download your own PDF version by visiting MCS.
  • Try something new: Swap tuna for mackerel, or try pollack or gurnard instead of salmon or cod. The seafood choices you make today will have a direct impact on how much seafood is available in the future.



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