Join The Great Nurdle Hunt and help end plastic nurdle pollution.


Who: The Great Nurdle Hunt by FIDRA

What: Nurdle cleaning campaign to determine how widespread nurdle pollution is around the world.

The problem: Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billion are used each year to make nearly all plastic products but accidental spills during transportation lead to many of them ending up in the ocean.

Spills can happen at any step, from the manufacturer through the distribution network to the plastic goods producer. Once in the sea, nurdles disperse quickly and widely and, as a result, can be found throughout the world.

New nurdles are washing up all the time but there’s no detailed evidence of where they’re coming from or how widespread the problem is. Findings from The Great Nurdle Hunt will help show the local plastics industry the extent of the nurdle pollution problem.

Take action for the ocean today

Take part: Visit your local beach and join The Great Nurdle Hunt today. Don’t forget to download The Great Nurdle Hunt guide which gives in-depth information to help you find these plastic nuisances.

Report your sightings: Let FIDRA know where you were nurdle hunting, how many you found and how long you were hunting for.

Get friends and family involved: Nurdle hunting is fun for all the family. It costs nothing and is a great way to teach little ones about the importance of conservation.



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