Shop for dolphin and whale inspired gifts where 100% of profits goes towards cetacean conservation.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

A world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free

100% of the profit from sales in the WDC shop goes towards protecting whales and dolphins.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

Where: Spey Bay, Fochabers, Scotland, UK

What: A wide range of ethical products sourced from fair trade suppliers. 100% of profit goes towards helping protect whales and dolphins:

  • Gifts: Shawls, wine glasses, models, bags and more.
  • Clothing for the whole family: Branded and non-branded T-shirts.
  • Books: Children’s and reference.
  • Jewellery: Unique earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and more.
  • Toys: Cuddly toys, games, models and more.
  • Stationary: Branded notebooks, cards, calendars, gift wrap, stationery sets and more.
  • Health & beauty products: Luxurious, natural skincare for men and women with a Scottish twist.

You can also donate to the WDC or adopt a humpback whale, dolphin or orca as a way of giving to the charity.

About: The WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. Their shop is based at the WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre at the mouth of the River Spey in the beautiful north east of Scotland, where bottlenose dolphins can be seen wild and free.

The WDC inspire global action to protect cetaceans and promote many campaigns including:

  • Stop whaling – Over 2000 whales are deliberately killed every year by Japan, Norway and Iceland. It is cruel and unnecessary and must stop.
  • End captivity – Capturing and keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for entertainment is deplorable. Around 3,000 cetaceans are held in aquaria, zoos and marine parks globally.
  • End bycatch – Entanglement in fishing nets and gear, or ‘bycatch’, is the biggest threat facing cetaceans. Hundreds of thousands of individuals die a slow and painful death every year. WDC are working with fishermen worldwide to make fishing safer.

Find out all you need to know about whales and dolphins on their website, including a section for kids.

Feel good shopping

  • The WDC spend 100% of the profit on all sales on protecting whales and dolphins.
  • All WDC gifts are fair trade and sourced from eco-friendly suppliers.
  • Clothing is made from recycled material, and hand-crafted gifts are made by small groups of artisans from around the world.
  • Wherever possible, WDC reuse clean packaging and the bubble wrap is bio-degradable.
  • Join WDC charity events and Team Orca, their community of creative fundraisers.

Shop ocean-friendly today

WDC products can be bought from their online catalogue. They offer wholesale deals and international shipping.


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