Designer sunglasses and optical frames made from 100% recycled sea plastic.


Who: Sea2See

What: Eyewear made from 100% ocean waste.

About: Sea2See was started by François van den Abeele who has a deep passion for the ocean, nature, and sunglasses. He campaigns against ghost fishing nets which account for more than 10% of all plastic pollution and is one of the biggest culprits of wildlife deaths and contamination of the ocean. He has secured agreements with more than 20 ports and hundreds of fishermen in Catalonia to collect such plastic waste.

Sea2See collect a ton of plastic every few days in the form of nets, ropes, and general plastic trash. This plastic is then processed by See2Sea into what they can personally use and what can be resold to other recyclers.

For every 10 kilograms of waste Sea2See recovers, the company can produce a single pair of Italian designed and made sunglasses.

Whatever plastic isn’t made into sunglasses is repurposed into other reusable raw materials like nylon threading. In total, more than 90 percent of the content they recover is recycled into new goods.

Sea2See’s sustainable eyewear is available for men and women. It is more than just a product, it is also a statement of change made by people that wear them.

Feel good shopping

Visit Sea2See to learn more and see all products. Remember:

  • See2sea are supporting worldwide awareness of ocean plastic contamination.
  • They help to educate fishing communities about the consequences of ghost fishing whilst also providing them with free sunglasses.



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