Shop for bumper stickers and tank tops that respect the ocean.


A bumper sticker with the word respect spelt out in rainbow sea creatures.

Respect bumper stickers and tank tops.


Who: ORCa (Ocean Respect Campaign)

What: Bumper stickers and tank tops that promote ocean and sea life conservation.

About: Laura Parks visualized this sticker in 2010 as a fundraiser for ocean and marine life advocacy. After mentioning the vision to her artistic brother, he sketched the design and she loved it! A graphic savvy advocate and friend applied her magic and, voila!

Find out more about Laura and her campaign on Facebook

The product: Both stickers and tank tops debuted in 2011 and are printed in Santa Cruz, CA.

  • English, French, Rainbow and Spanish stickers are available in standard 3” X 10¾” and miniature 1½” X 5 ½”
  • Japanese stickers are 3” X 4”
  • Otter version now available.
  • Tank tops are unisex and available in XS, S, M, L, and XL

Respect tank top in blue

Feel Good Shopping

All respect brand products are wholesale and proceeds are donated to local and international environmental, water, and marine-life advocacy groups including:

Shop Ocean-Friendly Today

Purchase your respect merchandise:

  • In store: Stickers are available at over 50 retail locations in Santa Cruz, CA, Hawaii, Nebraska, Ohio, and Florida.
  • Online: Visit (stickers only)
  • Bulk Buy: Visit Respect bumper sticker (minimum order is 20 stickers
  • Email: For tank tops and Japanese/ French/ rainbow/ miniature stickers simply email


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