Shop for doormats and bags recycled from old lobster rope and sails from the Maine fishing industry.

The New England Trading Company, Ltd

Durable door mats and tote bags made from recycled old lobster rope and sails


Who: The New England Trading Company

Where: St Johnsbury, Vermount, USA

About: This company was founded in 2009 with the idea of recycling old ropes no longer used by the Maine lobster industry. The fishermen switched from float-rope used to tether lobster traps together in the sea to heavier sink-rope which is safer to marine wildlife. The old ropes would entangle the migrating endangered Northern Right Whale. The old ropes are now handwoven into one-of-a-kind, colourful, durable and weather resistant welcome mats.

The company has now diversified into other product areas including baskets made from lobster rope, and recycling old sails into tote bags complete with old nautical rope handles.

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The New England Trading Company offers international shipping, along with a 30-day limited warranty on all products.  Products can be bought from Amazon.


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