Turn the tide on plastic waste by switching to a Mooncup – the original, silicon menstrual cup.


Who: Mooncup

What: The original, silicon menstrual cup – a small, comfortable, reusable device made from silicone, rubber or plastic that collects, rather than absorbs, menstrual blood.

About: The average woman will use around 11,000 single-use menstrual products in her lifetime. And for every tampon or pad used, it takes centuries for them to degrade in a landfill (especially when wrapped in plastic).

Sadly, not all sanitary products make it to a landfill. Many tampons and pads are flushed  down the toilet, and end up in the ocean. They wash up on beaches and clog waterways. But there is an answer. Switch to a Mooncup and discover:

  • A healthy and convenient alternative to tampons and pads which saves you money too.
  • An easy way to dramatically reduce the waste you produce. Mooncups are reusable and made to last for years.
  • An employee-owned, ethical, multi-award winning company.

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