Shop for biodegradable tableware and food packaging made from recycled leaves.

Leaf Republic

Disposable tableware and food packaging made from biodegradable green leaves

: Leaf Republic

Where: Munich, Germany

What: Disposable, waterproof, biodegradable plates, bowls, cutlery, food packaging and more.

About: Leaf Republic is an eco-company that create sustainable, disposable organic tableware and food packaging material made of nothing but tree leaves. Leaves that regrow 3 times a year and are fully biodegradable. A fully renewable and literally green resource.

Leaf Republic is about preventing plastic waste and preventing trees from being cut for paper production. Free of glue, chemicals, plastic, oil, colouring or synthetic additives – only biodegradable, fully compostable leaves.

These products can be used by households, for catering, take away, and other food delivery businesses. Enjoy a picnic outdoors with the knowledge that the plates and cutlery can be thrown away and do no harm to the environment.

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Leaf Republic aspire to help revolutionise the food industry by setting new parameters for what ecology in the packaging industry can achieve.

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Buy via Leaf Republic’s online store or through Amazon. International shipping available.


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