Durable yoga, homewear and pet bowl mats made from recycled wetsuits.

Lava Rubber

Who: Lava Rubber

Where: Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USA

What: Handmade durable black mats

About: Lava Rubber collects and up cycles tons of used neoprene and other rubber scrap headed for landfill each year. They take donations from surfers, divers, surf schools, marine institutes, day camps, outdoor shops & neoprene manufacturers from the East and West coasts of the United States. This includes recycled wetsuits, neoprene sheets, gaskets, weather stripping, juice pouches, energy bar wrappers, mis-printed and used yoga pants and other clean scraps.

Lava Rubber’s handmade durable black mats are great for:

  • yoga
  • changing in and out of wetsuits
  • surfboards
  • pet bowls
  • spoons and soaps
  • coasters, and more.

Feel good shopping

Visit Lava Rubber to learn more and see all products. Remember:

  • Each yoga mat saves 5lb of waste from entering a landfill.
  • Product packaging can also be up cycled.



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