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Devocean is devoted to the ocean

Every Purchase Supports Sea Turtle Rescue and Ocean Conservation Programs

: Devocean

Where: Boca Raton, Florida, USA

What: A range of beach apparel, including beach blankets and sweatshirts, and 100% waterproof jewellery.

About: Devocean have a vision of a world where the oceans are clean and free from pollution. Founded in 2015 as a social enterprise, They raise awareness about the growing fragility of marine habitats and encourage people to take immediate action.

Devocean’s focus is on investing in the conservation of sea turtles. They donate 20% of their profits to both Florida Atlantic University’s Marine Research Lab at the ‘Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’ and to the non-profit organization ‘Friends of Gumbo Limbo’. At the lab, sea turtles are rescued, nurtured, and then ultimately released into the wild,

They also promote other sea turtle conservation efforts through groups such as the World Wildlife Federation, SEE Turtles  and the Sea Turtle Conservancy.  These programs are instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of vulnerable sea turtles and allow them to flourish once again.

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20% of Devocean’s net profits are donated to sea turtle rescue and ocean conservation programs.

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Devocean products can be bought from their online catalogue. They offer wholesale deals and international shipping.


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