Shop for the world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball and protect the ocean with every wash.

Cora Ball

A human-scale solution to microfibre pollution.


Who: Cora Ball

Where: Granville, Vermont, USA

What: The world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball.

About: Protect the ocean with this easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shedding off clothes in washing machines. Recent studies show that untold quantities of tiny fibers from synthetic fabrics are making their way from the worlds washing machines into waterways and the ocean on a massive scale. They are subsequently being eaten by aquatic animals. These plastic fibers have the potential to bioaccumulate, concentrating toxins in the bodies of larger animals, higher up the food chain.

The Cora Ball was designed by a team of ocean scientists, educators and protectors at the ‘Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean’. They are now moving into production since completing a successful Kickstarter Campaign. Cora Ball are collecting contact information from people interested in being an early adopter of this innovative technology, so that the world can start protecting the ocean, lakes and rivers with every load of laundry.

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Cora Ball works in partnership with the Rozalia Project who are taking action on cleaning, educating, innovating and researching for a clean ocean.

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Visit Cora Ball to learn more and see all products. International shipping is available.

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