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Who: Bracenet

Where: Global website | HQ in Hamburg, Germany

What: Handmade bracelets made from ghost fishing nets salvaged from the ocean. Each item comes in a variety of colours representing different bodies of water.

About: Bracenet is on a mission to turn the ocean back into the paradise it once was. Together with their partners Healthy Seas, Nofir and Ghost Fishing, they salvage ghost fishing nets from the ocean depths. Once retrieved the nets are then cleaned and treated before being handmade into attractive bracelets and key chains. Each item is unique it terms of colour and net.

Your Bracenet is more than a bracelet, it is a personal and unique statement for ocean protection. Every bracelet sold means another piece of ghost fishing net removed from the ocean.

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  • Bracenet donates 10% of the proceeds of each bracelet sold to their partner organisation Healthy Seas.

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Bracenet items can be bought via their online catalogue. They offer international shipping.


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