Adopt blue, basking, whale, white or other vulnerable shark species and help fund vital shark conservation campaigns.

The Shark Trust

Who: The Shark Trust

What: Shark species adoption packs each supporting a different campaign to protect a shark species. Choose to support basking, white, or whale sharks.

Or, support The Shark Trusts’ “No Limit?” shark campaign which seeks to protect over-fished shark species (blue, shortfin mako, catsharks, smoothhound and Tope). The adoption packs contain:

  • Personalised Certificate
  • Factsheets about your sharks & the research campaign.
  • A4 Poster
  • Bookmark
  • Set of Shark Postcards

Why? The Shark Trust is a non-profit shark conservation charity that is helping to safeguard the future of sharks through positive change. They achieve this through science, education, influence and action.

Visit The Shark Trust to adopt and find out more.



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