Adopt a British Columbia wild orca and help safeguard the future of these intelligent mammals.

Born Wild / Orcalab

Who: Born Free on behalf of Orcalab

What: Orca adoption pack containing:

  • An orca soft toy and story
  • An orca fact sheet
  • A personalised certificate and glossy photo
  • A copy of Adopt magazine twice a year with updates on all our wildlife adoptions

Why: The money from the orca adoption packs go towards conserving wild orca populations and campaigning against the exploitation and confinement of orcas in captivity.

Every year wild orcas are separated from their families to live out their lives in tanks performing tricks to crowds. Those born in captivity are taken from their mothers at a young age, to be transferred to other facilities. As a result, individuals experience isolation and boredom, have reduced life spans, and become susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.

Funds from your adoption will help the Born Free-supported Orcalab, a research station based in Canada, which monitors and protects orca off British Columbia. By better understanding orca behaviour, we can safeguard the future of this intelligent mammal.

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