Download Scuba Calendar to discover where and when to see marine life, record your sightings and support conservation.

Scuba Calendar

Who: Scuba Calendar

What: An IOS app that lets you record marine life sightings and helps to increase awareness about critical threats to the ocean and its precious inhabitants.

About: Scuba Calendar is the idea of husband and wife team, Katrina and Mitja Brus. Together they share a passion for scuba diving, travelling and environmental conservation. Feeling inspired by encounters with marine animals, they developed Scuba Calendar as a way to help protect the creatures they love.

Scuba Calendar is a member of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA).

Cost: $4.99

How does Scuba Calendar work?

  1. Plan dive trips. Search for a particular creature and the map will guide you to the places where they are most seen.
  2. Record marine life sightings. Each recording can include a photo or video as well as the dive site, the depth and other sea conditions such as temperature, or illegal fishing. Each record is fed into the Scuba Calendar database providing a wealth of information about the oceans.
  3. Scientists use the data. This global source of up-to-date data is then available to be used by scientists in their own projects. It’s citizen science at its best.

Take action for the ocean today

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