Sunglasses and optical frames made from ghost fishing nets. Intercepted from oceans. Redesigned for adventure.


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Who: Waterhaul

What: Ghost fishing nets transformed into stylish sunglasses and optical frames.

The problem: Ghost fishing nets are commercial nets that have been lost, abandoned, or discarded at sea. Every year they are responsible for trapping and killing millions of marine animals, including fish, birds, seals, turtles and marine mammals. They can also damage vital habitats such as kelp beds and coral reefs. Unless the net is removed from the ocean, it will continue ‘fishing’, entangling and killing marine life for decades.

The solution: Waterhaul collect ghost fishing nets from coastlines and transform them into high-quality, sunglasses and frames. The frames are assemble by hand and fitted with polarised lenses made from mineral glass – the highest quality form of lens available, and entirely recyclable.

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