Read Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too.

My Plastic Free Life

About: Want to rid your life of plastic? Read Plastic Free for practical advice and tips on plastic-free living. Help protect oceans, beaches and wildlife by cutting plastic pollution off at the source.

After seeing a picture of a dead seabird with its belly full of plastic, Beth started on her journey to rid plastic from her life. She began documenting her journey on her website – My Plastic Free Life. As a result, it has grown into a hugely valuable resource for anyone wanting to move away from plastic.

Now one woman’s passion is now inspiring millions to give up plastic for environmentally alternatives. Plastic Free is a book packed full of practical advice and tips to help everyone put an end to plastic pollution – from swapping liquid hand soap for bar soap, to making cleaning products at home.

Author: Beth Terry, founder of My Plastic Free Life

Published: April 2015

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