Read Jump Into Science – Coral Reefs – an exploration of coral reefs for ages 4 to 8.

National Geographic | Sylvia Earle

Jump into Science: Coral Reefs book front cover featuring a colourful cartoon of a coral reef.


About: Jump Into Science – Coral Reefs takes children on an undersea journey to explore an amazing underwater city. Learn how coral reefs are formed and find out what they need to survive.

What’s more, you’ll meet the animals that live in and near the coral reef as well as learn the importance of protecting corals from pollution. The book also includes a simple experiment that demonstrates how filter feeders strain food from the water.

The author, Dr. Sylvia Earle is a National Geographic explorer, a marine biologist, and an oceans ambassador. She has even been named Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine.

Released: April, 2016

Suitability: From 4 to 8 years

Genre: Non-Fiction, Facts

Author: Sylvia Earle

Publisher: National Geographic Kids

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