Read Behind the Dolphin Smile – one man’s campaign to protect the world’s dolphins.

Richard O'Barry

About: Behind the Dolphin Smile gives a captivating autobiographical account of Ric O’Barry’s journey from dolphin trainer for the TV series ‘Flipper’ to world-renowned champion for dolphin freedom.

O’Barry’s career as a trainer came to an abrupt end when one of the ‘Flipper’ dolphins died of stress in his arms. He realised that keeping captive dolphins, and teaching them to do tricks, was wrong. Dolphins were easy to train – not due to O’Barry’s gift as a trainer – but because they are intelligent creatures. He vowed not to rest until he freed every last one of them.

O’Barry came to prominence with the Academy Award-winning documentary movie The Cove which covertly uncovered Japan’s dolphin hunting practices. He is now founder of the Dolphin Project and director of Earth Island Institute’s Save Japan Dolphins campaign.

Author: Richard O’Barry and Keith Coulbourn

Genre: Non-fiction, autobiography

Suitability: All ages

Released: April, 2012

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