Protect coral reefs through a marine conservation course or join an eco-internship in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Eco Koh Tao / Crystal Dive - PADI 5* CDC

Eco Koh Tao logoWho: Eco Koh Tao (Crystal Dive)

Where: Mae Haad, Koh Tao, Thailand

What: Marine conservation courses and Eco Internships for Advanced Open Water divers and above.

When: All year round.

Duration: Courses – 4 – 6 days | Internships – 1 week – 6 months

  • Reef Check Eco Diver: Reef Check is both a worldwide coral reef surveying methodology. Once certified, divers can join coral reef survey teams all over the world and gather data on coral reefs. This data then goes into a worldwide database which gives a overall view of the health of the world’s coral reefs.
  • Marine Resource Management: The Marine Resource Management Program goes deeper into the ecology and biology of the coral reef ecosystem and uses a fantastic manual from the University of Queensland as its guide – Coral Reefs & Climate Change – which divers get as part of the program. Gain an introduction to the coral nurseries, Biorock technology and other reef restoration projects that need constant attention.

Visit Eco Koh Tao for more information.

Eco Koh Tao Green Credentials:

  • Eco Koh Tao believe in preservation and conservation of marine environments through education, awareness and direct action.
  • PADI Green Star Award.
  • 100% AWARE.
  • Dive Against Debris – conducts regular beach and dive site clean ups
  • Campaigns to protect sharks and rays.
  • Reef Check and CoralWatch surveys
  • Builds artificial reefs e.g. Junkyard Reef, Buoyancy Word, and Bio-Rock dive sites
  • Maintains coral and giant clam nurseries
  • Mooring buoys and line maintenance and management.
  • Adopt a coral transplant project



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