Adopt a seahorse and help fund the conservation and preservation of seahorses and their habitats.

The Seahorse Trust

Who: The Seahorse Trust

What: Seahorse adoption scheme to help seahorses. Each adoption pack includes:

  • An ID card with information about your seahorse.
  • A Seahorse Trust pin badge.
  • Certificate of your seahorse adoption.
  • A Seahorse Trust sticker.
  • A fluffy toy seahorse.

Why?: Seahorses are a unique fish species that occupy the coastal areas of most of the world. It’s these areas that are most under threat, being vulnerable to human and natural interference, and as as a result seahorse populations have been badly hit.

The Seahorse Trust is a small non-profit that are making a big difference in education, conservation and lobbying for protected areas and to have marine and terrestrial species protected.

Visit The Seahorse Trust to find out more.



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