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Knowledge is power.

In the words of Jacques Cousteau, ‘People protect what they love, they love what they understand, and they understand what they are taught.’ In other words, the more we learn about the ocean, the better our chances are of protecting it. 

At Sea Fans, we believe that a lot of the ocean’s problems come from people not realising the damage they’re doing to it. For example, some people will stand on coral because they believe it is just rock. If they knew that coral is a living creature and standing on it can damage it, then they would steer clear.

Same goes for marine life. Some people will want to touch marine life – or get way too close – without realising the harm they might do to the creature (or themselves)..

If we all knew a little bit more about the amazingly complex world that covers over two thirds of our planet, then we’d be able to right these wrongs. And what’s more, teach our friends and families about them too.

So let’s start at the edge and wade in. Sea Fans has a great selection of documentaries and books that are non-scientific and packed full of fantastic facts about the ocean. You can also find thought-provoking lectures and marine conservation experts to follow.

And when you learn something cool, join the Sea Fans facebook group and amaze us all with your top ocean facts.

For every three breaths we take, one comes from the rainforests and two come from the ocean.

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