Dive in.

Go green when in the blue.

The next time you’re at the coast keep an eye on the surface of the water, scan the sky, and take a closer look in the rock pools – you never know what you might spot. Migrating whales and dolphins, breeding seals, nesting seabirds, crabs and starfish… the ocean may be very big, but there’s a lot to see from the shore. Why not visit a marine life rehabilitation centre and learn about the ocean? There’s lots of ways to experience the ocean, and you don’t even have to get wet.

Of course, if you were to get on a boat (or a kayak or a paddle board) then you could increase your chance of getting up close with some ocean megafauna. Join environmentally-responsible organisations that put the wellbeing of the marine life first before profit. Search the Sea Fans’ directory for ethical experiences the whole family can enjoy.

Why not put your head below the surface? Grab a mask and take a peek at the fascinating world going on beneath the waves. And if you like snorkelling, the next step is to try freediving, or scuba diving. There’s a unique blue world out there, and Sea Fans is here to help you find ethical ways to experience it.

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