Jerry & Amy

A labour of underwater love.

Hi, we’re Jerry and Amy and we absolutely adore the ocean. Sea Fans is the realisation of our dream to showcase the amazing efforts of ocean conservationists around the world. As well as showing how many opportunities there are for people who loves the sea to get involved.


Our Tale

We met on a marine conservation base as volunteer staff on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia. Amy was the scuba instructor and Jerry the marine science officer, and together we taught people how to dive and survey coral reefs. As well as deciding to spend the rest of our lives together, we had the idea of a website that would make it easier for people to get into ocean conservation.

From our time teaching and volunteering around the world, we have been amazed by the variety of people we met on volunteering bases. From budding marine biologists and gap year students to veteran travellers and those on career breaks. Families to solo travellers, teenagers to retirees – different people from all ages and backgrounds with one thing in common: a love of the sea.

We thought how great it would be if there was a website which showed the true wealth of opportunities out there for ocean lovers – not just volunteering opportunities. A global hub where fans of the sea can discover ways to conserve the ocean and coastal habitats, and all the marine wildlife that lives there. So we built Sea Fans… 

A hub for marine conservation ideas

Everyone can do something to help the ocean. We can seek out plastic-free alternatives, buy from shops that donate to ocean charities. We can say no to marine life in captivity and make informed seafood choices. Sign petitions, join campaigns,  do beach cleans, and so much more…

If you want to do more to help the ocean, but don’t know where to start, read how you can go from zero to a marine conservation hero.

Stay Positive

We run a positive news feed on facebook that delivers breaking ocean conservation news stories and the latest research into marine life. Join us on Instagram and twitter too and share your love of the ocean on our facebook group. 

We hope you’ll discover something inspiring on Sea Fans today. Remember, we’re always on the look out for new ocean conservation ideas to add to Sea Fans. Would you like to join us? 

Jerry Slater - Sea Fans founder
Jerry Slater - Sea Fans founder